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Mariners’ Polytechnic Training Center Teams Up
with DOXCHECK in Battling Counterfeit Certificates

Malate, Manila, 26 June 2013

In a formal ceremony, MARINERS’ proudly announced its tie up with documents security expert DOXCHECK. The tie-up will provide MARINERS’ a 100% COUNTERFEIT-FREE documents management and verification system. A tamper-proof hologram label will be placed on each document bearing unique security codes that are encrypted into an on-line centralized portal where the recipients of the certificate are allowed to verify its authenticity and validity directly from MARINERS’. The system will render any act of counterfeiting ineffective because of the unique codes that are assigned to any particular document.

Ms. Merle Jimenez-San Pedro, President of MARINERS’, said that the audacity of counterfeiters is causing alarm in the industry; the spread of fake certificates is continuously eroding the confidence of the global shipping community on Philippine Maritime Training Centers. DOXCHECK will be especially beneficial to MARINERS’ trainees and clients because the integrity of the certificates are now assured as is the quality of the training it provides.

The alliance with DOXCHECK has raised MARINERS’ place in the Maritime Training community to new heights; MARINERS’ is the first Maritime Training Center in the Philippines to be protected by DOXCHECK.

In his keynote speech, Commodore Dante Jimenez, Chairperson of MPTC Board of Trustees and founding Chairman of VACC, said that this team up is a breakthrough not only in the Maritime Training Industry but in the fight against corruption as well. Counterfeiting is a crime that has far-reaching effect; it sabotages the economy by sullying the reputation of Philippine businesses that issue commercially-recognized documents.

DOXCHECK was purposely designed by SCDI, a Philippine-based software company, to battle counterfeit documents. The proliferation of fake documents is forcing businesses to revert to the old-fashioned way of validation and verification, that is, through direct calls to the sources of these documents. DOXCHECK aims to streamline this tedious process by providing uniquely encrypted codes to each document, and make it electronically accessible anytime, anywhere in the world. With this tie-up, any MARINERS’ graduate whose training certificate bears the DOXCHECK seal is assured that his record is authenticated and viewable anywhere in the world at www.doxcheck.com.

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