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The Main Building

MPCF Legazpi City Main Building is located at Rawis, Legazpi City. Inside the building, you can find the Mariners' Cafe, Internet and Computer Laboratories, Full-mission Bridge and Simulator, Speech Laboratories, Weather and Control Room, GMDSS Room and the rest of MT Laboratories, Library, Medical Clinic, Physical Fitness Center and Ladies Gymnasium, Physics and Chemistry Laboratory, HRM Laboratory and Kitchen, Audio-Visual Room, Guidance and Testing Center, Academics Office, Office of the President, Registrar's Office, Office for Financial Affairs, Physical Facilities Office, NSTP Office and Media Relations Office, Office for Research and Extension Services, Mariners' Training Institute Office, Shipboard Training Office, HRM Department Office, Mock Office Setup, Customs Administration Department, Print Room, Photocopy services, Photography Studio, Mock Up Bar and Restaurant, Defense Room, and the Chapel.

Inside the Main Building - Level 1 (Ground Floor)


Mariners' Cafe

The Mariners' Cafe includes the school canteen for the Main Building, kitchen, the Mariners' Auxiliary Services, and eating area for both the students and the faculty/staff.

The school canteen offers wide range of food selection including breakfast meals, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch and dinner meals, ice creams and desserts. It is a self-service lane for the students and the faculty/staff. A Flat TV is installed for entertainment and news purposes. Information Board on meals of the day, important general announcements, and weather forecast can also be found on the school canteen. There is also a drinking fountain and hot coffee/chocolate machine. The school canteen likewise has its own restroom for faculty/staff use.

The Mariners' Auxiliary Services Office is where students can buy school supplies and other materials commonly needed at work/office, and as well as for personal hygiene.

Hot Kitchen Laboratory

The new hot kitchen laboratory provides actual equipments needed in cooking, baking and kitchen prepartion. This is being utilized by students and instructors alike during demonstration and actual hands-on with HRM/HM students.

Photography Studio

The first and only official photo studio located at the main building of MPCF-LC being taken care of by the Borlagdan family. It was the father, Mr. Jose B., who took the pictures of that unforgettable event during the ring-hop celebration when the Founder succumbed to death. The photo studio offers a wide range of services including but not limited to taking school ID, glamour shots, rush ID pictures, CD burning among others. All school activities are being captured and documented by the studio.

Tailor Room

The Tailor Room is where students will have to have their body measuremetn on their school uniform. Each course have their own school uniform including business attire (for HRM/MH), Type A and Type B uniforms (for MT/MARE/SRC), casual white uniform (for all courses), PE Uniforms, and NSTP Uniforms.

Physical Facilities

Physical Facilities Department is in-charge of all the physical propertis inn each department and maintenance of all the facilities of the school. This is also where students, faculty and staff will have to report all the damages done on the facilities. For faculty and staff requesting for requisition of materials to be used at work and/or installation of facilities in the office, a mterial order slip will be requested from this office.

The Physical Facilites is headed by Mr. Adel Bausa, Director. for list of staff, click here

Physics/Chemistry Laboratory

The Physics-Chemistry Lab has been accredited since 1990 with a 100% standards-compliant Physics-Chemistry Laboratory as set by accrediting bodies/agencies such as the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), QSS, and MSAP. The laboratory caters to students taking up Chemistry 1 and 2 and Physics 1 and 2 both for Maritime and Business Education courses.

The lab has two rooms which can accommodate 20 students each. Both are tiled and equipped with water and gas piping for heating. An adjacent Physics-Chemistry lecture room is also available that can accommodate 40 students.
The Physics-Chemistry Laboratory is headed by Dr. Dulce Colasito.

Medical/Dental Clinic

The Medical/Dental Clinic, headed by Mr. Junnel Madela (Head Nurse), provides medical and dental assistance to all members of the Mariners' Community. Students and staff can avail of free medicines, first aid, and other health-realted assistance in this office. Regular check-ups and consultancy are also conducted in this office whenever the professional doctor and dentist is in the vicinity. The doctor and dentist visits the schools weekly.

The office usually conducts Medical/Dental Mission to nearby baranggays, and seminars on first aid and survival, with the help of the Red Cross organization.

Prayer Room

A haven for devout persons and fervent Catholics. The chapel (48 sq. m.) holds novena prayers during Wednesdays. Its pious Campus Ministry spearheads masses and processions every 30th day of the month. The college Patroness is the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal ? Our Lady of Mariners? with a feast day celebration during the 30th of November each year and with a devotion to the Holy Cross.

Faculty Room and Academics Office

The faculty Room houses all the faculty of the school, usually General Education Faculty. The Academics Office is where you can find the Academic Secretary, Ms. Yehlen D. Mayores for all the academics concers. This is also the office of the VPAA, Mr. Conrad Cordero.

HRM/HM Office

The HRM/HM Office is where the HRM/HM Department officers, faculty, and staff are meeting and reporting.

Audio-Visual Room

The AVR is where faculty and staff meetings occur. This is also where small populate seminars and workshops take place.

Fitness Gym for Men

Located at the ground floor of the main building, the 90-sq.m. fitness gym provides equipment such as the sets of Ladies and Men's Dumbbells with Rack, Cable Cross Over - PRO Leg Press ?and Peck Deck(Plate Loading), Punching and Speedball Bags, Stationary Bike, Manual Treadmill, Decline and Adjustable PRO Benches, Leg Curl/ Leg Extension, and Body Slender. The gym has separate shower rooms for men and women.

Inside the Main Building - Level 2 (Second Floor)

Speech Laboratory

The Mariners? Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) Speech Laboratory is a quasi-department of the Office of Academic Affairs geared toward becoming an English and Foreign Language Department in the future. Right now it is the center for English language teaching-learning system for students. Teachers strive to have their students learn and ensure that they (students) graduate from MPCF ? LC with a high confidence and language proficiency in English.

A first in the Bicol region, the MPCF Speech Laboratory boasts of virtual learning in both American and British English supported by the International Maritime Organization?s Standard Maritime Communication Phrases (SMCP). This enables the maritime students to learn the specialized language of the sea - Maritime English.

The Speech Laboratory has 39 terminals allowing every student to use the computer. Aside from these computers, the lab has student/teacher consoles where instructors will be able to check orally on the learning development of students. As MPCF continues to innovate on student communication, this Institution will see more of this kind of laboratory in the future to cater to its ever-growing enrollees.
During summer, the laboratory can also accommodate summer enrollees from other schools wishing to enhance their English language proficiency.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) aims to support the vision and objectives of the institution in achieving the quality education and training through dynamic and responsive instruction, research, and extension programs. It is committed to provide accessible, cost-effective, and innovative information services and programs.

Office of the President/Human Resource Supervisor

This is the executive office where you can find the President or Board Members, as well as the Human Resource Director, who facilitates all manpower needs, staff and faculty concern, and employment services for those qualified graduates who wants to become a part of the institution.

Office for the Financial Affairs

The OFA is where students and staff/faculty make financial transactions with the school. This is the location of the students' financial assessment, as well as the cashier.

Registrar's Office

Just beside the OFA is the Registrar's Office, where students enrolling pile up for enrollment of their subjects.

Inside the Main Building - Level 3 (Third Floor)

Computer Laboratory

The main building consists of three computer and internet laboratories, all located at the third floor, where students taking up computer courses spend their laboratory hours. Also found in the computer laboratory is the IT maintenanace Officer Mr. Alfonsus Zulueta, who provides all the necessary technical needs of the institution. The computer laboratory is also Wi-Fi zone.

Media Relations Office/Corporate Public Affairs Office

The MRO/CPAO is the base of the Coporate Public Affairs Officer, Mr. Elmer Abad, the Media Relations Officer, Mr. Steven James Di?o, and the Webmaster/Graphics Designer, Ms. Anne Beatrice H. Madarang.

This office is in charge of all the marketing related activities that involves the media. Activities of this office are media coordinations, content writing, press releases, website development, and graphic design.

NSTP Office

The NSTP office is where students taking up CWTS and CGAOTC report for duty and enrollment. This office process and monitor all the students enrolled in the said courses. The office commandant is in charge of training officers in CGAOTC.

Guidance and Admission Office

The guidance office is in charge of referring actions and respond to concerned staff or instructor regarding reported students with disciplinary problems and academic deficiencies with the subjects. This is headed by the school guindace counselor and psychometrician.

The psychometrician conducts series of mental and psychological tests to students in order to assure mental stability among them.

This is also where the Peer Counselors Organization base, a group which helps the Guidance Office conducts peer handling among students.

The admission office conducts the entrance test, career guidance, and admission/retension procedures among students.

Click here to see admission procedures.

Discipline Office

The discipline office is where students are reported to take disciplinary actions on conduct of school hours.


The Shipboard Training Office (STO) facilitates students going through shipboard training, as well as assists them for employment. Contact us now for details of assistance.

Alumni Office

The alumni Office, located inside the Students Affairs and Services Office, is in charge of tracking the whereabouts of the alumni, and assist them for employment with the help of the STO. This office as=lso coordinates with the Alumni in organizing the alumni officers, planning activities for the alumni, students and the rest of the alama mater. The alumni assures that the graduates upholds the core values of a Mariners' graduate.

Student Affairs and Services

The Student Affairs and Services is in charge of accomodating the students needs in terms of extra curricular and academic activities.


Office for Research and Extension Services

The Office for Research and Extension Services (ORES) is under the Academic Department headed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). It aims to promote and enhance the research and extension activities of the Institution and is responsible for supporting the management, administration and development of the school's research agenda. Its mandate covers the conduct of meaningful studies to aid management in arriving at sound decisions, and likewise, stimulate MPCF Community's sense of social responsibility through collaborative extension activities. The office is headed by Ms. Genevieve Marcelo-Sy.


Mariners' Training Institute Office

The MTI Office is in charge of providing STCW Training and Basic Training to students and those interested applicants.

Click here to see more of the services and facilities of the Mariners' Training Institute.


Most of the classrooms are located at the third and fourth floor of the Main Campus. The classrooms facilitates lectures for non-maritime courses and general education subjects. Classrooms for the marine engineering students are located at the new building on Mariners' Annex.

Inside the Main Building - Level 4 (Fourth Floor)

Training Bridge & Full-Mission Bridge Simulators

The new bridge simulator is the newly acquired state of the art facility of the institution where students can have a computer simulated training of the actual scenerios on board.

This is the very first substitute for ship training where students can perform voyage planning in different scenarios of navigation and communications, among others. Recently installed is the latest model of a universal automatic identification system, a weather facsimile receiver, and latest, top-of-the-line maritime publications of textbooks and manuals.

The Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS)

Acquired in 2010, this very expensive apparatus will equip the students in BSMT with the knowledge on the operations of standard shipboard communications equipment. The GMDSS Simulator offers real-world communication in a safe environment where students can experience actual radio traffic and respond on their own without affecting ships at sea.

Engine Room Simulator

This is a cutting edge, turnkey solution suitable for training Marine Engineers at Watch keeping, Operational and Management levels.

The engine room simulator provides a realistic and accurate simulation of the Engine Room: Main Engine Control Room, Main Switch Board, and simulated machinery space including a mimic pipeline panel, and local operating stations.

This simulates the MAN B& W 6S60MC 6 cylinder, 2 stroke, reversible, slow speed marine diesel main engine of firing order 1,5,3,4,2,6 which is directly integrated to a fixed pitch propeller and all the auxiliary systems that accompany such an installation in main engine room of a tanker.
The Software is based on realistic and rigorous mathematical models, and the Hardware creates a realistic engine room environment with a large number of real dials, gauges, controls, indicators and switches. The simulator is used in stand-alone mode (with the instructor in the bridge control).

Inside the Mariners' Annex


Engineering Building

The Engineering Building consists of the classrooms for engineering lectures, as well as the engineering library.

Landship/Training Ship

The landship/tranining ship is where students get similar survival training when onbaord. The enclosed lifeboat and other survival at sea equipments can be found inside the training ship.

Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Swimming/Survival Training Pool

The newly constructed swimmingsurvival trianing pool is where students are trained to swim in different strokes and strategies in order to surivive at emergency situations on board. The facility is seven feet, half-olympic size pool.

Engineering Laboratory

The Engineering laboratory consisits of many machines and engines that are actually used in ships and tankers, in order for the students to have an actual touch and feel of the onboard engine situation. The engineering laboratory also houses the engine control room.

Welding Room

The Welding room consists of gas welding and arc welding room.

Mock-up Bar and Restaurant

The mock-up bar and restaurant located at the main building is an accredited assessment and training center where one can obtain Food and Beverage Services National Certificate Levels II and III, Bartending NC II and Barista 101. Fully air-conditioned, the center can accommodate 30 persons with a bar counter providing a wide-array selection of wines and liquors and a coffee machine. The center is also equipped with various types of tables, chinaware, and flatware.

Another mock-up bar with a classroom set-up for lecture and simulation is located at the annex campus along the Rawis seaside.

JC Jimenez Multi-purpose Gym

This is a 900-sq.m. multi-purpose gymnasium with a very spacious stage. The gym can accommodate 1,000 persons. The place is very ideal for concerts, search/pageants, graduation exercises, sport games (basketball, volleyball, etc.) among others. This is located at the annex campus along the Rawis seaside.


Halls are available for conference, seminars, receptions, and trainings, among others. Jaime's Hall (221 sq. m.) can accommodate 150 persons. The Eliza's Dining Hall (165 sq. m.) can also accommodate 150 persons. The halls are fully air-conditioned with a modern kitchen and clean rest rooms.

Fire Fighting Facilities

These include a 480-squre meter facility complete with gas-leak fire-fighting equipment and extinguishers.

Rescue Boat

A reinforced fiber glass boat with a 20 HP OBM and can accommodate up to 10 persons.

Eliza's Dormitory

The Eliza's Dormitory houses the administrative and company scholars.

Mesh Hall, Commos Cabin



The Laundry Room

Located at the annex campus, a new laundry room is equipped with the state-of-the-art washing, drying, and ironing machines and devices. Adjacent to it is a linen room.

Automated Teller Machine(ATM)

Serviced by the RCBC available 24/7 for Bancnet and Megalink cardholders.

School Bus

An air-conditioned bus with an audio-video on board that can carry 49 persons.


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