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This SPECIAL SECTION will provide updates to the community - students, faculty, employees and its stakeholders of the Administration’s response including its plans and actions during the period of the ENHANCED COMMUNITY QUARANTINE. During these most trying times as we battle with a global pandemic, MARINERS’ LEGASPI strives to continue to perform its role as a Learning Institution with the full support of the whole community.

On 30 January 2020, the first known case of the 2019 Corona Virus or CoVid-19 in the Philippines was reported.

Seeing the crisis looming ahead, MPCF Legazpi was one of the first Higher Education Institutions which took action and prepared for the virus that would, a few weeks later, become a global pandemic.

Four days after the DOH announcement of the first known local transmission in the country, the Office of the President issued Memorandum No. 03, s. 2020 creating the Task Force CoVid-19 (TFC19).

TFC19 was established to plan, implement, monitor, and enforce institutional protocols and guidelines that would ensure the safety and well-being of students, employees, and stakeholders of MPCF Legazpi to combat the threats posed by CoVid-19.

On 24 March 2020, Pres. Merle Jimenez-San Pedro signed the "MPCF-Legazpi Guidelines on COVID-19" providing the Institution with safety protocols to follow and observe upon the resumption of work and classes.

The guidelines highlight some of the most important practices that would help avoid the further spread of CoVid-19:

 Keep a healthy lifestyle

 Practice the 20-second proper handwashing

 Observe social distancing

 Exercise respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing

The national government has extended the Enhanced Community Quarantine until April 30, 2020. During this period, TFC19 will remain active in monitoring employees and students' status especially those who went to Manila before the lockdown. It will also continue to closely monitor the Province's CoVid-19 statistics and relevant advisories coming from the national and local governments and agencies.

The battle against CoVid-19 can only be won if collectively each and every one of us will do our part.

The Task Force CoVid-19 under the Office of the President will continue to ensure that our students and the rest of the MPCF Legazpi Community are safe and prepared as we continue to battle with the virus in the weeks to come.


Grow your own veggies with old plastic containers amid COVID-19


Grow your own veggies and food amid COVID-19: The Department of Agriculture is giving away free seeds!

Tabang Bikol Movement joins hands through Mass Planting : Gulayan sa Bakuran at Tahanan or GBT.. Magtanom palibot sa harong.. Try indoor gardening too!.

"Happy planting. Stay calm amidst COVID-19 by growing your own healthy food!" - Sec William Dar, Department of Agriculture.

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▒ MPCF-Legazpi-Guidelines-on-COVID-19-v12

▒ Alternative Learning Flexible Scheme (ALFAS) Student-Guidelines

MPCF-Legazpi Health and Safety Guidelines under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ)







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